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We are extremely pleased to be the sole UK Distributor of Brianza Plastica products which cater to the construction, manufacturing, automotive and commercial sectors.

Brianza Plastica are an organisation who match serveral of our criteria when choosing a supplier. Brianza have a business model which focuses on safety, invests in its employees and focuses on its environmental impact and operates in full compliance with environmental regulations.


Brianza Plastica have been making fibreglass laminates since 1962 and are one of Europe’s leading manufacturers and with continued growth over the years they are well equipped to fulfil any laminate queries, such as Gelcoat rolls and sheets produced by both continuous and discontinuous lamination techniques.


Product Range

ELYCOLD - Fibreglass laminates with discontinuous process and cold rolling for the production of thermal insulated panels

Gelcoat rolls and sheets produced with polymerization process at room temperature. This process results in a laminate which possesses great flatness and aesthetic appeal, usually used on external faces.

Roll Dimensions:

Thicknesses: 1mm to 3.6mm

Dimensions: Max width 3400mm (Length of Coil up to 60m)

Sheet form: Available on demand

Elycold is a combination of polyester resin (orthophthalic and isophthalic) and glass fibre; over the years this composite material has replaced aluminium in the production of
refrigeration panels for commercial vehicles, campers, caravans and motorhomes, providing manufacturers with excellent long-term properties and UV protection.

The polymerization process of Elycold happens at an ambient temperature, which results in perfect flatness of the product. This is invaluable when the laminate is used in panel making, as it results in high quality aesthetics.

The high stability fo the laminate derives from the use of fiberglass chopped stand mat, which can also be combined with woven roven to further increase the durability and mechanical features of the laminate.

Properties of Elycold feature a perfect overlay of the underlying fiberglass, long time surface durability, total impermeability and protection of the insulation inside the panel and a low level of yellowing recorded by ageing tests performed with UV-CON.

As the same with all Elycold and Elyplan products the laminate can be customised with different colours, type of gelcoat finish and different interior finishes.

For more information refer to the Elycold-Elyplan brochure below.

elycold lite + xlite - ideal solution for those who need a thicker laminate with good rigidity and low specific weight

Elycold Lite and Xlite represent the ideal solution for those who needthicker laminates with good rigidity and low specific weights, while retaining all aesthetic details and values.
The use of resins and specific components allows increased thickness without adding weight, decreasing the density of the laminate and providing greater rigidity, contributing to the flatness of the panel and to conceal of the underlying structures.

Roll Dimensions:

Elycold LITE Thicknesses: 3mm

Elycold XLITE Thicknesses: 1.6 to 2.8mm

Dimensions: Max width 3400mm (Length of Coil up to 60m)

Sheet form: Available on demand

Elycold Lite and XLite are one of our best sellers as they are highly suitable in the production of ultra-light vans, large recreational vehicles and equestrian vehicles.

With the focus moving towards electric vehicles Elycold Lite and Xlite are well positioned for increasing the payload of electric vehicles used for deliveries and lesiure purposes.

Elycold Lite and Xlite Data Sheet

Elyplan - GRP Rolls and sheets produced by continuous lamination

Fibreglass reinforced laminate produced continuously using advanced machinery, whose flexibility allows the production of laminate which serves a variety of needs. Furthemore, this option provides a good quality/price ratio compared to the ELYCOLD product.

Roll Dimensions:

Thicknesses: 0.8mm to 3mm

Dimensions: Max width 3200mm (Length on Request)

Sheet form: Available on demand

Elyplan laminate is very versatile due to its composition and can be used in a variety of applications. It is ideal for applications that require washable surfaces, smooth or rough, with high resistance to corrosive elements present in the environment. The main advantage of continuous production is that it allows achieving the highest possible polymerisation of the composite material. The end result is a perfectly flat product with very tight dimensional tolerances that guarantees excellent quality at very competitive prices.

Elyplan is derived from raw materials of the highest quality and a gelcoat made from highly elastic isophthalic resisns, ensuring high resistance to yellowing, impermeability to water vapor and condensations.

Elyplan is ideal when used to create panels with an insulated or plywood centre as it offers complete protection from humidity, ensuring the materials integrity. This is why this product is so popular in the automotive and building sectors.

Elyplan also offers a variety of compositions to suit the end use of the laminate (Roving, Woven Roving, Mat and Tissue). In addition, there are different choices you can choose from when it comes to the finish of the product, such as the colour of the laminate or the interior finish of the laminate.

For more information refer to the Elycold-Elyplan brochure below.

Elyplan and Elycold - Excellent resistance and dimensional strength, combined with lightness and  easy workability
Elyplan and Elycold - Perfect for caravans and recreational vehicles
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Electric vehicles - lightweight, high strenght and resistant to UV rays.
public transport - perfect for internal and external finishes, can be painted to any ral colour, high strength and light

Elycold and Elyplan Product Brochure

Brianza Plastica - No Bac allows eliminating almost all traces of bacteria present on a surface

The NO BAC laminate developed by Brianza Plastica allows eliminating almost all traces of bacteria present on a surface, preventing their subsequent colonisation and providing an additional level of protection in any environment.

The NO BAC technology is permanently integrated on the surface of the laminate, right from the production phase, and is evenly distributed across the entire surface, actively protecting the product throughout its life cycle.

This innovative product has numerous fields of application: food industry, cold storage rooms, laboratories, refrigerated containers for transportation and, in general, all environments with high hygiene requirements: schools, kindergartens, health facilities, kitchens, bathrooms, spas, gyms and shopping centres.

The NO BAC version is available on all ELYPLAN and ELYCOLD laminates with external gelcoat finish.

No bac fibreglass - Ideal for the health sector, cold rooms, public areas and kitchens

Other Brianza Plastica Products

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Isotec a thermal insulation system for roofs designed specifically to repair roofs in old buildings or to create coverings
Isotec Parete - The thermal insulation system for ventilated façades
Isotec Linea - The thermal insulation system for non-ventilated roofs and walls
Elyplast - GRP sheets for roofing and other applications

Elycold/Elyplan Laminate in use

refrigerated vehicles - Resistant to external temperatures which is perfect for refrigerated vehicles


The Elycold and Elyplan fiberglass laminates are light and resistant to external temperatures, which make them suitable for refrigerated vehicles for the transport of perishable products that must be handled, stored and moved under controlled temperatures, such as food and beverages.

Elycold and Elyplan are also easily washable, resistant to corrosion and do not allow the proliferation of mould.


The Elycold and Elyplan fiberglass laminates are extremely light and resistant to temperature variations, which make them ideal for covering cold storage rooms, where the cold storage of products such as food and pharmaceuticals is essential for their preservation. Elycold and Elyplan are also easily washable, resistant to corrosion and do not allow the proliferation of mould.

Elycold and elyplan - perfect for lining street vendor vehicles  - light and easy to wash


The Elycold and Elyplan laminates are light, easy to wash, resistant to mechanical stress and atmospheric agents. They are perfect for covering the walls of street vendor vehicles, which are real mobile kitchens/restaurants, and for the interiors of customised vehicles for the promotion and sale of products and services.

Elycold and elyplan - perfect for pre-fabricated buildings, available in multiple colours and resistant to UV rays


The lightness, dimensional stability and low thermal conductivity, together with resistance to UV rays and the possibility of being painted or supplied in special colours make the Elycold and Elyplan fibreglass laminates ideal for constructing walls for prefabricated houses.

Elycold and Elyplan - Resistance to atmospheric agents and corrosion allow them to be applied both indoors and outdoors


The lightness, easy washability and resistance to impact of Elycold and Elyplan fibreglass laminates make them the ideal solution for doors. Moreover, their resistance to atmospheric agents and corrosion allow them to be applied both indoors and outdoors..

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