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We are very fortunate to be a UK distributor of the Kinnegrip product range.

Kinnegrip are a Swedish manufacturer of dropside locking systems for the road transport industry. Kinnegrip are one of the leading companies in the industry and possess a very strong brand name, which can be seen by their increasing number of exports across Europe and Asia.

Furthermore, one of Kinnegrip's mains strengths is that all production takes place in-house. This results in a high quality product whilst still being aware of their environmental impact, which is shown through their ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 accreditations.

When building your dropsider or tipper, Kinnegrip pillars are the obvious choice.

kinnegrip logo

T50 - Dropside Lock 3.5T

The T50 dropside lock is a system inteneded for lightweight (3.5t) dropside vehicles (as pictured).

Made from aluminium with stainless steel component parts, means the lock is lightweight and offers good corrosion resistance.

The T50 lock has many benefits as outlined below:

  • Lightweight and corrosion resistance

  • Safety catch prevents unintentional opening

  • Locking mechanism minimises protruding edges in the open position

  • Easy operation

  • Lock is mounted directly onto the dropsides

  • Aesthetically pleasing

  • Customised handles with logotype (min MOQ req).

  • Various dropside heights available (300,400,500mm)

  • Handle repair kits are available

Kinnegrip Dropside with T50 catches.
Dropside Tipper with T50 catches and bespoke corner pillar.
T50 kinnegrip catch

K20 - Dropside Pillar (Heavy Duty)

The K-Pillar is a modern locking system for flatbed constructions. Differing from the T50 lock as shown above the K20 pillar is designed with heavy duty vehicles in mind.

Like the T50 the K20 is available at different heights (400,600,800,1000,1100 & 1200mm) and is available in painted steel, aluminium and galvanized steel.

Instead of being mounted to the dropside itself the pillar is mounted in the support and secured in the side rail of the body. The unique design allows the pillar to fold down and hang in the support during the loading and offloading procedure.

K20 benefits outlined below:

  • Single-handed operation from the ground

  • Clear load area during loading and offloading procedures

  • Galvanised version offers good corrosion resistance

  • Aluminium version is lightweight and provides good corrosion resistance

  • Handle repair kits are available

  • Folding mechanism minimises damages during offloading and loading

K20 locks for medium and heavy duty commercial vehicles
K20 Dropside locks
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