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We provide a wide ranging list of services. Customer satisfaction and quality are two things which we prioritise here at JB Components.

Bespoke body kits aluminium and steel

Predominantly, here at JB Components we sell complete body kits from the chassis upwards. We aim to take the guesswork out of building 3.5T bodies by supplying

pre-configurated kits, so you can focus on the building process.

Specialist aluminium extrusions - architectural, lighting, shutters, laser cut, defence, road transport

We provide a complete solution to all of your extruded aluminium needs. We help with prototyping, provision of samples, production, fabrication, packaging, holding and distributing your product/s.

We are equally confident designing a new bespoke extrusion as we are re-quoting your existing line of extrusions.  

Aluminium and steel shutters and rear frames for truck bodies

We make shutters and rear frames to suit any of your requirements. With customisable options such as colour, type of lock, aluminium or galvanised material.

Glass Reinforced Plastic - Sheet and complete rolls. Roof Laminate

JB Components are the UK’s official supplier of Brianza Plastica products and we cater to industrial, manufacturing, construction and commercial sectors. Brianza Plastica have been making fibreglass laminates since 1962 and are one of Europe’s leading manufacturers and with continued growth over the years they are well equipped to fulfil any laminate queries.

The fibreglass laminate has a variety of existing usages from temperature-controlled/cold store vehicles, decontamination units, composite panel manufacturing and most recently for use as Covid testing centres.

Fabrication services, welding, guillotine, press brake, laser cutting

We have our very own purpose built fabrication department, which utilises various equipment such as our 4 meter guillotine & press brake which can bend up to 7mm steel at 3 meters and 6mm at 4 meters. We use these tools to create your bespoke products, from inital concept and drawing right up to the finished article.

Our attention to detail leaves us safe in the knowledge that we are supplying a high-end product which has been designed and built to last. We also work across a multitude of industries, so please get in touch with any queries.

Free cad drawing service available if placing an order

From a single drawing mark-up through to small projects, we can help.


We offer a free service to help with the designing of new extrusions and sections as well as producing 2d drawings from your marked-up plans, sketches or original paper documents.

Welding services available

We offer a speedy and professional service on mig and tig welding. We have multiple skilled operators who will process your orders with the care and attention to detail it deserves.

We are able to offer all welding procedures:

- Aluminium

- Stainless Steel

- Galvansied Steel

- Mild Steel

Powder Coating Services available

We now offer a powdercoating service at our Painting and Fabrication premises. Powdercoating gives a smooth, tough and resilient coating.


We can powder coat lengths up to 15 meters which provides up with great flexibility to meet your powdercoating requirements.

- Qualicoat approved pre-treatment chemicals used as standard

- Can accomodate lengths up to 15 meters

- We provide a fast turnaround

- We stock a large variety of colours and finishes to help your product meet any   

  required appearance specifications

- Powder coating is the preferred finishing process over traditional solvent treatments as they contain no solvents and emit negligible polluting compounds.

- Benefits of powder coating include corrosion resistance, cosmetic enhancement and 

  functional performance.

Body Kits
Specialis Extrusions
Shutters and Frames
Grp laminate
Cad Drawing
Powder coating
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