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Our Suppliers

At JB Components, we’re dedicated to bringing you the best products from within the industry. To do this, we evaluate each supplier that we work with to make sure that they align with our values and can provide high quality products that meet our ISO 9001:15 Quality standards.


We have a history of developing strong supplier relationships and understand that it is a core element of providing value and quality to all our stakeholders.

By having a strong relationship with both our suppliers and our customers, we can improve our supply chain performance which increases the value of our products and services (Fynes et al. 2005) to our customers and helps to reduce costs across the supply chain (Wisner, 2003) by improving delivery speed, dependability, flexibility and responsiveness (Green et al., 2008).

JB Components Supply Chain

When working alongside suppliers we look at the following criteria.

  • Quality Focused

  • Work together to provide innovative solutions

  • Responsive and Relevant

  • Create and deliver added value

  • Ease of trade

  • Can see the bigger picture

  • Ethical and sustainable practices

  • Environmentally and socially responsive

  • Share the passion in providing great service

Read on to see why we are proud to work with them.

Supply Chain Requirements
Kinnegrip Supplier K20 & T50 Locks - UK Distributor
Brianza Plastica - UK Distributor GRP Laminate in sheet and coils
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