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Brianza Plastica Applications

The lightness, strength and excellent resistance of the Brianza Plastica fiberglass laminates makes them ideal for the construction of walls and floors of ultralight electric delivery vans. The Elycold Lite and Xlite panels are particularly suitable for this application, where the use of special resins allows increasing the thickness of the laminate without increasing the weight.

Future electric mobility plans pose new challenges to Brianza Plastica. For example, one of the problems that has emerged with electric mobility is that, if batteries catch fire, they can burn at extremely high temperatures. Brianza Plastica is introducing on the market a new fiberglass laminate that is produced with a very special resin, to protect the underfloor in the event of a battery fire. Brianza Plastica has found a polymer, used in the railway industry, which does not burn and is also much lighter. So we can make a good product with a thickness of only 1 mm (previously the thickness could reach 2.5 mm). The weight of the classic fire retardant is about 3.5 kg/m², while our new material is less than 1 kg: therefore, with a significant weight saving of 2.5 kg/m².

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