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JB Components Ltd

JB Components Ltd operates as a multi-faceted and versatile organization catering to diverse industries and markets. Our comprehensive range of services includes laser cutting, fabrication, and welding, alongside our specialization in the nationwide distribution of 3.5-ton tipper and dropside bodies.

Commitment to excellence is woven into the fabric of our organization, evident in the meticulous engineering of our body kits adhering to stringent quality and safety standards. We take pride in our agility and adaptability, consistently offering innovative solutions tailored to your unique challenges and requirements.

In collaboration with the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA), we play a pivotal role in the testing and sale of type-approved products, with a particular focus on lateral protection devices.


Our dedication to delivering top-tier products is underscored by our ISO 9001:15 quality management system certification. This certification encompasses the design, manufacturing, sales, and distribution aspects of our commercial vehicle bodybuilding and engineering products, ensuring that our customers receive products of the highest quality and reliability.

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Industries & Markets

See below some of the industries and markets that we cater to. This is not an exhaustive list.

  • sign manufacturing

  • panel manufacturers

  • bespoke furniture

  • Bespoke Aluminium Extrusions

  • aluminium window frames

  • fiber laser cutting

  • access platforms

  • security products

  • truck roofs

  • hotel/bar fitouts

  • grp Laminate

  • Fabrication

  • no bac environments

  • road transport components

  • Toolboxes

  • cold stores

  • aluminium profiles

  • recreational vehicles

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